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Principal Md. Haroun-Or-Rashid

Vice Principal

About the college

It gives me intense pleasure to introduce Zaheda Safir Mohila College, Jamalpur which stands out as one of the biggest and most prominent institutions in Bangladesh where quality education for the female community is ensured.The college provides multiple courses to cater for the learners belonging to the higher secondary and tertiary levels. This distinguished educational establishment has hitherto played a pivotal role in spurring female education over the years. The college stands high in terms of the number of students it takes in every year and the total number of students is now 5000 or so. There are an august body of competent teachers and highly devoted staff members who always stand ready to come to the assistance of the learners. The facilities and equipment for the academic endeavours in the college are also considerably up to the mark. The dignified institution set sail in 1967 and now it is a full-fledged government institution. The college has, to a plausible extent, been successful in bringing out the latent talent of the adolescents and young adults which paves the way for women empowerment and national development. I believe the college will be able to keep to its commitment in the days to come.